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About Our Business

Solutions for Success

Stage Lighting Setup

GABS Systems Ltd is a Cyprus/EU-based company offering smart system solutions for lighting, heating and air conditioning, audio and video distribution, communication and security, and other control needs specific to our customers. 

Certified by KNX, one of the largest international organizations for Home and Building Control, GABS Systems Ltd has undertaken projects in both residential and commercial buildings, and enjoys a customer ranging from  the hospitality and entertainment industries in Cyprus, Greece, the Middle East, and the UK.


Committed to the highest standards of professionalism and business integrity, our company has established itself as a one-stop provider of smart systems solutions offering :

-consultation to identify smart systems that cater to our customers’ needs

-undertaking the design, customization, and installation of the necessary infrastructure and equipment

-supporting the wholesale distribution of smart system components

-Aftersales Monitoring and being by your side at all times



We look forward in discussing how we can help make your world smarter, today!

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