Pixel Upgrade – LED Ethernet Controller 3

SKU: UPpixelLEC1024to2048

Upgrade pixel level and use more pixels with a single LED controller.

Maximum pixel level is 4096 RGB LEDs per each LED controller.


You can do the upgrade in pixel levels / Art-Net universes:

  • Level – LED Ethernet Controller 3 1024 RGB/RGBW pixels (7 Art-Net universes)
  • Level – LED Ethernet Controller 3 2048 RGB/RGBW pixels (14 Art-Net universes)
  • Level – LED Ethernet Controller 3 4096 RGB/ 3072 RGBW pixels (28 Art-Net universes)
  • Advance Features

    There are many standard features which you already have known from earlier versions of LEC 3 controller. We’d like to underline the most interesting features:


    • Automatic interpolation
    • Active support for LSS software and 3rd party Artnet software and hardware
    • Web browser interface – configure and test your LEC3 through your mobile device or computer
    • Daisy chaining – DMX and Ethernet
    • Autoplay mode with animation playlist stored on a Micro-SD card
    • Easily attachable to DIN profile
    • Different pixel-number versions with an optional upgrade ( on one click; manually or through software )